leader of parallel import

As a pioneer and a parallel import leader, we provide cheaper medicines to the Polish market and, at the same time, we contribute substantially to the cost reduction of health protection.

We offer the widest range of products which we supply to the best pharmacies, storehouses, and hospitals. We put trust and cooperation first. We have been investing in the development of the company and parallel import industry for over 15 years. Thanks to this, we can constantly improve the quality of our services and build the market of parallel import in Poland, thereby improving the accessibility to innovative treatments at competitive prices.

Own storage area and repacking facilities enable us to have a full control over the process, keeping the continuity of sale and a flexibility in meeting our business partners’ needs. Every day, we supply the market with tens of thousands of medicines while maintaining the highest quality and security standards.

We want to expand constantly the circle of our trade partners and patients who buy our products in order to continue the development of our company and shape the pharmaceutical market. We have a plan, we have determination and a long-term perspective – we are always one step ahead!​




active permits
for parallel import




packages produced per day


packages sold per day

100 mln

million of annual savings generated by parallel import for the health market*

Mission and values

Our mission is to provide benefits for participants of healthcare market as well as for our business partners.

The strategic goal of our business is the sale of parallel imported medicines and other health care products and services with a good value for money relation.

Fulfilling our mission and achieving our goals is possible through adherence to the following values towards our customers, suppliers and employees:




We are determined in achieving our goals. We work based on clear and fair rules.



We offer the highest quality products and services, patient safety is the most important for us.



We operate effectively, adapting tools and working methods to changing external conditions and fulfilling the commitments have made.



We make decisions based on knowledge and facts, we constantly improve our IT systems supporting security, quality and cost effectiveness.



We always act in accordance with the highest moral and ethical principles both in relations with our business partners and employees.

Quality policy

Delfarma meets all the legal standards set by both the national and EU authorities. Parallel imported products are as safe as the equivalent original products and Delfarma is fully liable to the same strict quality and safety requirements as the original manufacturer of pharmaceuticals.

We make sure the standards of Polish drug laws are 100% met before we release our products to wholesale distributors, pharmacies and hospitals. 

Using carefully protocolled procedures the products are collected and given a Polish-language information leaflet and the necessary labels. This work demands optimum attention to detail and alertness on the part of the employees. Intensive quality control processes prevent errors.

Medicines are vulnerable products, that is why Delfarma pays careful attention to transport and storage. Temperature is a very important aspect. Many products need to be stored in temperature-controlled conditions. This places high demands on storage capacity and transport companies.

Delfarma is approved as a company for parallel import of pharmaceuticals by the responsible authorities and holds a manufacturer and distribution license, which entitles us to repackaging and distribution of pharmaceuticals. Delfarma is also closely monitored by national and European institutions such as the European Medicines Agency.

Delfarma works together with wholesalers in EU countries, of which all have a valid wholesaler license and a quality system in accordance with the most current Good Distribution Practice (GDP) guidelines. Our suppliers are regularly audited by their local authorities. Additionally, Delfarma has its own supplier qualification system, which sets high standards in operational processes as well as quality and which is continuously being enhanced by our team. Only products, which are performed in accordance with GMP and GDP standards, are released for shipment to our customers.

Delfarma means the highest quality proven with ISO 9001:2015 certificate issued by TÜV SÜD. Processes in our company fully conform to the Good Distribution Practice (GDP) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).



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Our mission is to provide benefits for participants of healthcare market.